Know The Difference Between a USPS Tracking Number and USPS Delivery Confirmation Numbers

Many people do not realize the difference between USPS tracking numbers and USPS delivery confirmation. A USPS tracking number offers real-time package progress information which allows you to follow the progress of your package (click here to track a package now) and see when your package was delivered. A delivery confirmation number only tells you when and if your package was delivered but will not show you package progress along the way. As such, a USPS tracking number offers both package progress tracking as well as delivery confirmation. A USPS tracking number is available on Express Mail and Priority Mail while delivery confirmation is available on First Class Parcels, Media Mail and Parcel Post. Neither a USPS tracking number nor delivery confirmation is available on First Class Mail Letters.

When using our free package tracking service keep in mind the above. If you enter a delivery confirmation number for a package which has not yet been delivered the results may simply say the item was shipped with no further information available. Delivery information will not be available until the package is actually delivered. A USPS tracking number will, in contrast, show how far the package has progressed en route to its destination. When using Shipping Sidekick to track packages also be sure to use the correct USPS tracking number format. Failure to enter the USPS tracking number exactly will result in an error message.

USPS tracking on Shipping Sidekick is made possible with cooperation of the United States Postal Service tracking system. We thank the United States Postal Service for making USPS package tracking available to our users. Click here to track your package now.

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