5 Things You Want to See from the Moving Company You Hire

There are always plenty of moving companies around, and if you’re ready to move, you might have to choose between them. It can be tough attempting to figure out which one will be the best fit for your needs. However, some ways do exist that should tell you whether a company is a suitable choice.

We’ll talk about five of the ways you can identify the right moving company for your needs right now. Once you pick one that seems like it will work for you, you can feel a lot more comfortable about the whole process.

You Want One that Has Lots of Positive Online Feedback

You’re going to want a moving company that can safely move both your large, bulky items, and the smaller, delicate ones. Maybe you have something like used Kitamura CNC machines that are very large and cumbersome. You might have just the opposite, like small, delicate objects.

Either way, you should look at the testimonials on the moving company’s website. They should have several of them.

You also want to look at the feedback they have from other places besides their site. For instance, you might go on Reddit and create a post on your city’s message board. You can ask about the moving company there and get reviews from families that might have used them in the past.

This feedback you solicit can probably give you a more accurate picture of what the company is like than what you can get from their website alone. It makes sense that their site will only feature positive reviews, but asking the public what they think of the company will let you know about any negative experiences prior customers may have had.

You Want One that is Fully Insured

You will certainly want an experienced moving company. Just because the one you hire says they have helped many families and individuals move, though, that does not necessarily mean you can trust them

not to drop a box carrying some of your most prized possessions.

That is why you need the moving company you hire to have insurance. If it mentions on their website that they have a policy in place, that’s helpful.

If you don’t see that anywhere, make sure and ask them about it before you proceed any further. Insurance to cover your possessions and furniture while the company is moving them is a necessity, not a luxury.

You Need One that Has Acceptable Rates

Money matters in all things, and your move is not an exception. You probably don’t have unlimited funds for moving expenses. On the contrary, you might have budgeted very carefully, and you don’t have much to spare outside of that budget.

A moving company might have excellent reviews, but if you can’t afford them, you can’t hire them. Some companies will quote you a rate and stick with that, and if it’s too high, you have little alternative but to go with someone else.

Moving is usually a time when you don’t have a ton of extra money because you might have dedicated most of your available funds to putting cash down on the new property. The company you hire should understand that, and if they can’t work within your budgetary parameters, you can look at other options.

You Need Them to Be Available When You Want to Move

Some moving companies are in high demand. You may reach out to one, and they tell you they can’t help you move for weeks or even months.

If you need to snatch a particular property before someone else buys it, though, you need a moving company that’s available on short notice. If the one you prefer says they can’t help you within the time frame you specify, you might need to go with your second or third choice. This is why it’s a good idea to have a couple of backup options when you’re looking at the movers in your area.

They Need to Treat You Respectfully

The final thing you want to see from your moving company is that they treat you respectfully. Some movers are surly, and if you find that to be the case with the one you’re thinking about using, you should definitely utilize someone else.

Remember that you’re paying these movers, and they owe you courtesy. They’re not doing you a favor by taking the job, so don’t allow them to be disrespectful toward you.  

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