How To Send A Package

It being the holiday season many folks who are not familar with shipping are faced with shipping their christmas presents to friends and relatives. With all the options out there, shipping packages can be confusing. As such, we've put together a few points on how to send a package:

  1. Package Your Items Properly - The first step in how to send a package is boxing your items up for shipment. Be sure to use a box that is at least 1 inch larger on all sides than the item being packaged. Use stryofoam peanuts or other similar packaging material to pad the item firmly as it shouldn't be able to shift during shipment. If more than one item is being packaged be sure they are seperated by padding and cannot shift during shipment. Use strong shipping tape to seal the box.
  2. Weight and Measure Your Shipment - You'll need to weigh your package on a reliable shipping scale (if you don't have one most post offices do have one available for public use in their lobby. You can also get a free shipping scale here). Also measure the length, width and height of the shipment.
  3. Compare Shipping Rates - The next step in how to send a package is to compare shipping rates between the shippers. You'd be surprised how much the prices for the exact same shipment vary between shippers. Each shipping company also offers different delivery speeds based on how fast you need your package delivered. The faster the delivery time generally the more expensive the shipping charge. You can go to each shipping company's website to do a quote to compare shipping rates or you can use the Shipping Sidekick shipping rate comparision tool. It's fast, free and gives you the rates of all major carriers in seconds.
  4. Print Your Shipping Label - Once you've selected which carrier to use you can print a shipping label and afix it to your shipment. All major carriers now offer online label printing which is much faster and easier than waiting in line at a shipper location. Most shippers also offer online discounts making it less expensive as well.
  5. Drop Off Your Package or Request Package Pickup - The last step in how to send a package is actually giving the package to the shipper. This can be done by either dropping the package off at one of the shipper's locations or drop boxes or by requesting package pickup with the carrier.

That's it! Your package will then be on it's way to friends or loved ones. You probably didn't realize that how to send a package was so easy. Happy Holidays from the team at Shipping Sidekick.

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