Where Is My Package?

What to do if your expected package is unexpectedly late.

Where is my package? If you were a expecting a package that has not arrived it is relatively easy to track it down if you have the package tracking number. This is offered on all UPS, FedEx and DHL shipments and with most USPS packages as well. You can usually obtain this from the person or company whom shipped the package.

So you have the package tracking number, where is my package? Use a package tracking service like Shipping Sidekick. Enter your package tracking number and you'll receive the whereabouts of your package, either confirmation that it has been delivered or it's current progress en route to it's destination. Keep in mind that the info is generally only updated at key points along the journey of the package such as being unloaded from a truck so the information may be slight dated.

If your package is severly delayed or appears to be lost you should contact the specific shipping company directly. You can find each shipping companies contact info here.

We hope this has helped you answer the "where is my package" question. Happy Holidays from Shipping Sidekick.

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