Hurricane Irene Evacuations along the East Coast Causing UPS and FedEx Delays

Localized evacuations in preparation for Hurricane Irene are causing unavoidable service delays along the Eastern coastline of the United States for several of the major shipping companies. UPS today advised that no pickups or deliveries are being made in the follow zip codes due to Hurricane Irene evacuations:

19944 19971

New Jersey
08008 08050 08087 08092 08202-08204 08210 08214 08217-08218 08223 08226 08230 08234 08242 08245-08248 08250-08252 08260 08270 08401-08403 08406

North Carolina
27824 27826 27885 27915 27920 27927 27936 27941 27943 27948-27949 27953-27954 27959-27960 27964 27966 27968 27972 27978 27981-27982 28445 28460


UPS will further monitor the Hurricane Irene evacuations and will release more information as it becomes available.

FedEx in the meantime is stating that it is closely monitoring the path of Hurricane Irene and current Hurricane Irene evacuations. Contingency plans are in place to ensure the safety and well-being of team members and to minimize the storm's effect on service. These storms often cause pickup and delivery delays and disruptions. The extent of any potential service impact will not be known until the hurricane passes along the East Coast later this week and through the weekend. FedEx will be prepared to provide service to the best of their ability in areas affected by the storm and as local conditions allow.

To help avoid delays, FedEx is encouraging senders to contact your recipients to verify if their location is accepting shipments. In the event of local Hurricane Irene evacuations, shipments not delivered before the storm will be secured in one of their facilities. Delivery will be attempted when it is safe to do so.

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