Why a Tracking Number Is So Important When Tracking Packages

If you are looking to track a package which is either on it's way to you or that you sent to someone else it's vital that you have a tracking number. A tracking number indentifies your specific package within the shipper's system and also logs the progress of the package as it makes its way to its destination. A tracking number can be thought of as a social security or drivers license number for your package. Without a tracking number it is very difficult to track a lost or late package. If you have a tracking number you can track your package quick and easily here.

When shipping a package be sure to use a service which offers a tracking order as some do not. The Shipping Sidekick Discount Shipping Console offers great shipping rates which include insurance and a tracking number. When someone is sending you something remind them to be sure to get a tracking number to avoid the hassle if the package goes missing. Finally, small business shippers should always get a tracking number not only to avoid lost packages but also to avoid customers filing chargebacks knowing that a tracking number is needed to prove they received their orders. In addition, providing a tracking number for mail order items is good business as then customers can follow the progress of their package and know the approximate date their package will be delivered.

So what if you don't have a tracking number? The first step would be to try to find one. Look on your receipt or any proof of mailing you had. If you used the Shipping Sidekick Discount Shipping Console all of your tracking numbers are stored for you; just log into your account.

If you still can't find a tracking number a last resort is to contact the shipping company directly. If they can't look up a tracking number they can further investigate to see where the package went. This process is often very time comsuming which is why having a tracking number is highly recommended.

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