How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

How much does it cost to ship a car? If you are looking to ship a car, finding a shipping company who ships cars and the cost to ship a car may seem a bit hard to find. The shipping companies most folks are familar with such as UPS and FedEx don't ship cars. But there are actually many, many companies out there who do ship cars. There are actually so many independent companies who ship cars out there that it's a bit difficult to compare prices. As such, Shipping Sidekick has created a fast, easy, free tool to compare car shipping rates. If you are looking to find out how much does it cost to ship a car simply fill in your car info, origin and destination and you'll be given the shipping rates of up to 12 shipping companies, fast & free.

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If you are looking to save some money on shipping your car you may want to consider open car shipping vs. enclosed car shipping. Enclosed car shipping protects your car from the elements and vandalism but is generally more expensive. If you are in a rural area you may also want to consider driving your car to a nearby major city for pickup, which saves the truck from having to drive out of it's way to pick your car up. This may also reduce the costs associated with shipping your car. The size of your vehicle is another factor in figuring how much does it cost to ship a car however this is something you really can't control. Small cars cost less to ship than large trucks simply because they take up less room on the truck and are lighter thus using less fuel.

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So why would someone want to ship a car? After all, it has four wheels and drives, doesn't it? There are several answers to this question. First off, there is the time factor. If you have purchased a car from a long distance you may not have the time to go pick it up. The same is true for those who are moving. If time is valuable to you and you need a car moved long distances shipping the car often makes sense. Cost is another factor. With gas prices nowdays it's often less expensive to have a car shipped than it is to drive it. Finally wear and tear on the car is something to be considered when moving a car long distance. If you don't want to put a large amount of miles on your vehicle shipping it is a viable option.

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