Are you looking for an alternative to the new airline luggage charges? You are not alone! Due to new airline baggage restrictions brought on by high fuel prices, many airlines are now charging $15-$100 to check even one bag. Airlines are also severely limiting the number and size of carry on items allowed on flights. As if it wasn't bad enough having to haul the bags to and from the airport, having to take them through security and having to worry about the airlines losing your luggage and ruining your trip. Now you get to pay for it! Northwest Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Allegiant Air, British Airways, KLM, Sun Country, JetBlue, Continental Airlines, Air Canada, Southwest Airlines and Lufthansa have all announced new and/or increased airline baggage charges and other airlines are sure to follow suit.

Now there is a better way. Millions of Americans have begun shipping their airline baggage via other methods instead of checking it with the airline. This alternative is often less expensive and provides pickup at your door and delivery of your airline luggage at the address of your destination eliminating the hassle of having to haul your luggage through, to and from the airport. Now you can travel light and leave the luggage to someone else. Here's how it works:


  1. You contact a shipper, such as DHL or FedEx, or luggage shipping service, such as Luggage Forward, before embarking on your trip. A shipper picks up your luggage at your home or office. Luggage shipping and handling services work the same way, providing you convenient, hassle-free airline luggage pickup as well as white glove service including a protective cover for your baggage during shipment.
  2. The shipping company or luggage shipper ships your luggage via their air and ground methods. Again, this is often less expensive than paying the various new airline baggage fees if you check the bags. You are also provided with a tracking number to assure that your luggage arrives safely at it's destination.
  3. Your luggage is then delivered right to the door of your destination address. No tip required! You can also save time by not having to go through baggage pickup when you arrive at your destination airport.
  4. You arrive at your destination with your bags already waiting. On your return trip, the process is repeated with the luggage shipping company returning your luggage directly to your home or office.

It's that simple. And these shipping services can ship larger and harder to handle items than the airlines including guitars, skis, surfboards, guns and much more. Very handy if you need to haul something large with you when you are flying. See what a few folks had to say after the first time they tried shipping their luggage rather than checking it:

"This is the best idea I've come across in a long time! I'm not sure why I didn't think of it. I flew to New York last month and shipped my suitcases via FedEx instead of through the airline. It was fast and easy and saved me considerable hassle at the airport. Thanks for the tip, Shipping Sidekick!" -Mel Suedmeier, Memphis, TN

"I am a grandmother and am not able to lift as heavy a things as I used to. I received the idea to use a luggage shipping company from a friend I play cards with. She travels quite extensively and I always wondered how she manages to carry her heavy suitcases with her. It turns out she doesn't carry them at all. She uses a luggage shipping company and recommended I try them as well. So I called the luggage shipping company and they sent a gentlemen to my house several days before my trip. He picked up my suitcases and assured me he would be very careful with them. When I stepped off the plane I almost forgot and went to the baggage terminal to claim my bags! My daughter had to remind me that they were already waiting for me at her house, safe and sound. I will ship my luggage every time I fly from now on and would recommend it to all senior citizens." -Edna Wright, Wahpeton, ND

"A great idea for busy people! One way to make flying nowadays a little less nasty!" -Alen Hill, Fairbanks, AK


So how do you ship your luggage and avoid the airline baggage check fees? We recommend Luggage Forward for white glove, door-to-door luggage shipping:


Or you can ship your luggage via our discount DHL/FedEx shipping console. You can pay, print a label and request pickup right from your PC and save up to 70%:


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