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In recent months, gas prices have been rising exponentially across the country. The current national average price per gallon is $3.54 and rising, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA). That is a 37 cent increase just since February 22nd of this year.

The reasons for the recent price increase are debatable, but one thing is for sure; nearly every industry has been affected in one way or another by these outrageous gas prices.

One industry being hit incredibly hard by these skyrocketing gas prices is the auto transport industry. The entire pricing system for auto transport relies heavily on the price of gas. Auto transport companies are usually forced to modify their car shipping rates in accordance with their costs of operation (such as fuel), in order to stay afloat.

In times of economic stability, this is usually not an issue. In times such as this though, where gas sits just 14% below the highest recorded price in our nation's history ($4.114 on July 17th, 2008), it becomes somewhat of a common practice.

However, depending on the size and quality of the company, the amount of fluctuation in service rates will be different from company to company. In order to remain competitive, larger auto transport companies will change their prices as little as possible, taking a cut in profit rather than customer satisfaction.

Companies such as A-1 Auto Transport, an industry leader for over two decades, are able to maintain a steady flow of business by cutting their profits rather than raising their prices. "We would much rather take a little hit on our end than to see our customers have to take on the burden.", said A-1 Auto Transport Marketing Director, Joe Webster.

A-1 Auto Transport holds customer satisfaction as their number one concern and knows that while gas prices will always come and go, they wish to keep their customers' repeat business. For that reason, even in tough times, A-1 Auto Transport has continued to provide only the best services for the best possible price in accordance with their focus on quality customer care.

Also, with over 22 years of experience in the auto shipping industry, A-1 Auto Transport is able to help customers avoid dealing with cost increase or hidden fees due to delivery location. For instance, although the west coast is an oil producing sector, they do not have easy access to fuel being imported to the U.S. Because of this, gas prices tend to be higher on the west coast than on the east coast.

However, A-1 Auto Transport's customer oriented system of operation ensures that these differences in fuel price from location to location do not make any difference in the price you pay for your auto transport. Also, A-1 Auto Transport guarantees that the price settled upon when the original service contract was created will be the price you pay.

Other auto transport companies, however, take big hits by making low bids months prior to the actual transport, and then realize that gas prices have risen and it's now going to cost them more to ship a vehicle. Sometimes, a company might hold onto a vehicle, waiting for gas prices to drop to what they were at the time the contract was created. A-1 Auto Transport guarantees that you will never have to go through any such hassles.

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