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Planning to head to any of the dozens of Jeep Jamboree events taking place across this country this summer? Good call; you'll have an amazing time. Whether you are hitting the trails in the Rocky Mountains, the Great Southwest or the Black Hills of South Dakota Jeep Jamboree events are fun, well organized and a trail-taming good time. You can even learn a thing or to about trail driving from the seasoned vets at most Jeep Jamboree events. However the ride to the Jeep Jamboree is not always that great. Let's face it, jeeps are built for jeeping, not highway driving. Jeeps ride rough and are hard on gas. As such, many Jeep Jamboree fans find it easier and often cheaper to ship their jeeps to the Jeep Jamboree rather than them. It saves time; your jeep is there when you arrive at the Jeep Jamboree so you can spend more time on the trails. And with gas prices as they are, shipping a jeep to the Jeep Jamboree is often less expensive than driving it not to mention saving wear and tear on your jeep. Finally, wouldn't you rather spend your time negotiating a boulder studded trail or crossing a mountain stream rather than hours and hours of interstate? Point taken. That's where we come in.

Shipping Sidekick has partnered with a number of jeep shipping companies which not only have much experience in shipping jeeps to the Jeep Jamboree, but also know how to ship a jeep carefully, on time and at a reasonable price. Just fill out the short form at right and you'll receive quotes from up to a dozen jeep shipping companies in your area. There is no cost or obligation. Compare the costs between carriers and decide which is the best deal for your money.

Thanks for stopping and have an amazing time at Jeep Jamboree!

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