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Motorhome shipping is easy and often less expensive than driving your motorhome to where you want to to be. Most motorhomes get less than 10 MPG so motorhome shipping becomes an attract option if time is short or if you want to save wear and tear on your motorhome or both. So it sounds like a good idea, but where does someone who doesn't know anything about motorhome shipping start? Obviously conventional shippers won't ship a motorhome for you. Well that's where we come in.

Shipping Sidekick has partnered with a number of motorhome shipping companies which not only specialize in motorhome shipping, but also know how to ship a motorhome carefully, on time and at a reasonable price. Just fill out the short form at right and you'll receive quotes from up to a dozen motorhome shipping companies in your area. There is no cost or obligation. Compare the costs between carriers and decide which is the best deal for your money.

So even if you didn't know anything about motorhome shipping, now you know where to start! Fill out the short form at right now to get started.

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