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When you need to ship a car across country you need a specialized freight service as UPS, FedEx and other conventional shipping companies will not handle them. So who ships cars? How do you contact them? How much does shipping a car across the country cost? It can be a bit confusing if its your first time shipping a car across country. There are literally thousands of freight shipping companies out there which ship cars, trucks and other vehicles and rates do vary considerably between car shipping companies. So how do you find a reputable shipper and find out how much does shipping a car across the country cost? Well that's where we come in. Shipping Sidekick partners with hundreds of pre-screened freight shipping companies which not only specialize in shipping vehicles, but have a reputation for on time, safe deliveries. You fill out the short form at right and we do the comparing for you based on our highly discounted, pre-negotiated car shipping rates. You will then be emailed quotes from up to 12 reputable car shipping companies showing you how much shipping a car across country costs for your specific vehicle. There's no obligation and it really shows you how much prices can vary between carriers. So fill out the form at right now to get your auto transport quotes, fast and free.

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