U.S.P.S. shipping rates may be calculated on domestic, business or international packages. Retail, domestic or global U.S.P.S. shipping rates usually include calculations for volume mail along with delivery times.

The United States Postal Service offers no hidden shipping surcharges so customers can pay one price upfront with no surprises later. In order to see how the U.S.P.S. shipping rates stack up against their competitors, go to the compare shipping rates page for a free quote.

U.S.P.S. shipping rates may also include free mailing supplies as well. Items such as Priority Mail and Flat Rate envelops and boxes, Express Mail envelops, boxes and stickers and Global Express envelops, boxes and stickers may be ordered at no cost.

Like other delivery services the U.S.P.S. shipping rates also take into account the size, shape, weight and zip code destination of the package. Insurance, tracking and special discounts for media such as books and CDs also affect the U.S.P.S. shipping rates, so be sure to take this into consideration when comparing delivery services.

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