Shipping Tips: How To Keep Your Fragile Items Safe

There is nothing worse than sending out a precious gift or item only to find out that it has been ruined or broken by the time it reaches its destination. Even with the most careful and thoughtful packaging there is never a guarantee that things won’t be damaged in transit.

For items that are easily broken, special attention should be paid to keep them safe. Accidents do happen even when you use the pros. Fedex shipping experts can help you choose the right materials and packaging filler to help ensure that your items reach their destination safely and in one piece.

With just a little common sense and the right products, you can be a shipping pro in no time.

Quality Materials

Packages can go through a lot of abuse when they are being shipped. Sliding around in transit can dent and damage lower quality packaging. Make sure that if you have a fragile item to ship that you are starting with a secure and sturdy shipping container. You may be tempted to save a little money on your packaging materials, but when damage happens you can spend twice the money on replacement of the ruined item. You can order a variety of customized box and container shapes and sizes made from reinforced materials that are the perfect fit for your item.

Proper Sizing

A bigger container is not always the best solution to keep your shipping items safe. With more room for items to shift and slide inside the box, damage can happen quickly and easily. You want your items to be fitted securely and nestled inside an appropriately sized box to eliminate movement during transit. With a smaller container you will need less internal packing materials like styrofoam kernels or bubble wrap, saving you some money.

Padding & Fillers

According to Fedex Shipping experts, the importance of proper internal padding cannot be understated. Having the correct container size is just the first step to keeping your delicate items safe. Invest in some quality bubble wrap and styrofoam kernels to help secure your items in place inside the container. You want to eliminate as much movement as possible to avoid breakage. You can also find pre-padded boxes and envelopes at your local shipping dealer that can help safeguard your items.

Label Clearly

If you are shipping valuable or delicate items it is important to clearly mark your packages with either “Fragile” or “Handle With Care”. This will alert the shipping agent that the contents of your package needs to be dealt with carefully. Labelling your packaging won’t necessarily guarantee that accidents won’t happen, but it will give you clearer options with your dealer if damage does occur. Attach preprinted labels or make sure to mark all sides of your container with the “fragile” warning so that it is clearly visible at every angle.

Being proactive with your shipping methods is a big step towards making sure that all of your items arrive in the best possible condition. It’s always better to be safe than to be sorry down the line when items are delivered broken or damaged.

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