Career Opportunities In Shipping And Freight Industry

The internet is a doorway to convenience, and for the average shopper, a quick order through an app is far simpler than getting everyone ready for a shopping trip. Shipping companies such as UPS are known to deliver up to  21 million parcels per day. For these companies, the pressure is on to provide a service that at the very least matches that of their competitors. This means that these companies need to be able to differentiate their service offering, and this requires a fleet of staff to get the job done. There’s more to working in the shipping industry than miles of driving and hours of packing.

Supply Chain Automation Increases

Warehouse automation is an important component in ensuring that shipping companies are able to meet their demands. This means that there are a number of new career paths to follow, such IT specialists and network engineers. The automation will also require a  sound knowledge of robotics and engineering to ensure all automated hoisters are kept up to date. Software engineers provide the necessary framework for all that data to be processed, and those who have a background in IoT networks will come in handy as all the various components connect. For shipping companies, this is an important next step to ensure they can meet the growing demands of consumers.

An Unusual Shipping Career

If your weekend hobby as a drone pilot seemed like an unlikely addition to your resume, it might be worth the mention. While drone shipping is not quite mainstream just yet, it’s bound to be in the future. Airspace and other logistical and legal issues will need to be dealt with, as well as a full testing phase that will allow regulators to decide on a course. For now, drone shipping is  used solely for the distribution of medication to hard-to-reach places. While this would prove invaluable in times when fast deliveries of supplies are needed, the startup costs, training, and bevy of licenses might just slow the process down. Driverless delivery vehicles are slowly being rolled out as well, which creates a job opening for an operator to keep track of the vehicles. These are only available in designated geomapped areas after extensive testing. Those who happen to take on a role that relies heavily on artificial intelligence will have to check with their insurer to find out whether they are still covered. According to  Cerity, it’s also important to ensure that workers update their job specifications to ensure their worker’s compensation insurance still provides cover. 

Freight And Environmental Awareness

There are many changes to the logistics industry, and for trucking companies, there is the need to adapt to new regulations. Environmental concerns force the logistics industry to transport goods with as little impact on the environment as possible. Biofuels and hybrid engines enjoy extensive research, as well as the growing demand for carbon-zero deliveries. For trucking companies, there is a lot of research to be done on  whether it’s better to replace a fleet or to make modifications to existing vehicles to meet emissions targets. This creates job opportunities for supply chain managers who specialize in fleet management, the mechanics who need to do the alterations and maintenance, and environmental specialists who can keep their finger on the pulse in terms of compliance.

The shipping and freight industry adapts to an ever-changing world as it embraces technological advancements and logistical changes. Tech jobs, career changes, and even hobby hustles are all part of this lucrative industry.

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