How Do You Ship a Car?

How do you ship a car? For those who have never shipped a car it may seem like a daunting task. It' actually quite simple however. Here's a couple pointers to get you started:

How do you ship a car? - Car Shipping Quote The first thing to do is to determine your budget and then get a shipping quote. You should get at least 5 or 6 quotes as rates do vary greatly between auto shipping companies, even to the save destination. If the destination you are shipping to is remote or out of the "common" routes, be prepared to pay a lot more. Common routes are frequently traveled destinations by shipping companies usually major cities and ports. Some shipping quotes will indicate whether the shipping route is common or out of the way. You can contact a number of auto shipping companies to obtain quotes or use a service like Shipping Sidekick, which gets you quotes from up to 12 pre-screened auto shipping companies with one short form.

How do I ship a car? - Car Shipping Season You may not realize that car shipping is seasonal. Basically, there are some periods in the year where it is actually cheaper to ship your car assuming the destination is the same. It is best to ask the company about their rates throughout the year. You may realize that by delaying to ship your car by a month or two could save you hundreds of dollars. Cost will of course be greater during peak auto shipping seasons.

How do I ship a car? - When To Pay It is highly advise you to pay the fees only after the car is delivered to your destination. Be prepared to pay a deposit, however, when you book your shipment which gives assures the auto shipping company that your car will be there when they come to pick it up.

How do I ship a car? - Inspect Your Vehicle Upon delivery, do an assessment of your car to see if it has been damaged during shipping. A complete inspection of your vehicle is absolutely essential. Any damage must be reported immediately on delivery or the shipper will most likely not accept responsiblity.

How do I ship a car? - Shipping Insurance Make sure that your car is insured during shipping when booking the shipment with the shipper. It is essential to have insurance coverage in case of any problems. Some shipping companies may impose an additional charge for insurance coverage, while some may include it in their base shipping price.

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