Shipping Frozen Food

So you are looking to send food, for one reason or another. How do you go about shipping frozen food? Shipping frozen food is simpler than you think. Shipping frozen foods is a great way to send and receive your favorite snacks without the risk of spoiling, as long as it's done right. Here are a few pointers on shipping frozen food:

  1. Purchase dry ice or similar cold packs along with a cooler. These are available at many local stores including most Wal-marts. Depending on the size of your shipment, the employees will be able to tell you how much dry ice should be purchased, but it is recommended to use anywhere from 5 to 10 lbs. for every 24 hours the container is in transit.

  2. Wrap food in plastic. Even though you are shipping your frozen food with dry ice, there are several variables that could cause the food to come in contact with the ice, therefore it is advised to take extra precaution and wrap all of the food before placing it in the container with the dry ice.

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  1. Pack the container. When shipping frozen food with dry ice, it is important to use an insulated container. The shipping container known to work best is a urethane insulated container or any conventional cooler. When packing your frozen food, place the food on bottom and the dry ice on top (wear gloves when handling the dry ice); be sure the food and the ice are as close together as possible. Fill in any extra space with styrofoam pieces or balled up newspaper. Any extra space may cause the dry ice to warm faster. By filling in this space, you'll keep your food frozen longer.

  2. Ship frozen food. Once your container is properly packed, immediately ship your frozen food. When choosing shipping options, always ship your package overnight. While this option does cost the most, you never want to risk having your package in transit too long; most dry ice will only keep your food frozen for up to 48 hours. You can save on shipping your frozen food overnight here. By choosing overnight shipping, you can almost guarantee that your food will arrive frozen at its destination.

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