RV Transporters & Shippers Feeling Pain From Rising Diesel Prices

Gas prices are up, and that's hitting all of us at the pump. But, diesel uses are feeling it even more. And diesel prices hit noone harder than RV transport companies.

Mike Davis is one of the owners of RAD Transport in Elkhart. They provide RV transport for the RV manufacturers. All of their drivers are independent, and not too happy these days."Diesel is up there 10 to 20 cents higher a gallon than regular gas is," Mike explains, "When it costs him 7, 8, 10 cents a gallon more for fuel, you're cutting into his profit now."

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He says if they can't make money, his drivers don't see the point in working. That means Mike's 20-year-old RV transport business, the one that started with just 3 trucks, would be no more. If prices keep going up, Mike's not the only person with something to worry about. "The guy at the other end that paid more for the RV transport, now he's got to charge more so when you go to buy an RV or a boat or a horsetrailer or a cargo trailer, you're going to pay more money for it."

Diesel fuels are at their highest levels since September of 2008. The national average reached $3.87 a gallon last week, after a 15 cent increase according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

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