How to Ship a Car to Hawaii? Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines Has the Answer.

How to ship a car to Hawaii? It's a question many ask when moving to Hawaii and the answer is simpler than you think. The Pasha Group is a transportation and logistics company with over 60 years' experience in vehicular transportation, offering expertise in point-to-point logistics, terminal operations, distribution management and information tracking systems. The company's link to Hawaii reaches back by decades. During WW II, a Pasha operation in San Francisco offered storage and truckaway services to our troops as they were deployed to Hawaii. In early 1999, the company recognized an opportunity to provide new and competitive service for the movement of rolling stock between the Pacific Coast and Hawaii for those who may not be familiar with how to ship a car to Hawaii, sparking the creation of Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines.

Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines' MV Jean Anne has a 20-ton side ramp and a stern ramp that can handle heavy equipment weighing up to 120 metric tons. These ramps enable Pasha Hawaii to call the major islands in Hawaii on a direct basis. Three of the vessel's ten fully-enclosed decks are hoistable and provide 120,000 square feet of space expressly configured for Over High and Wide cargo. The Jean Anne is equipped to carry rolling stock of any type, from cars to Black Hawk helicopters, or practically any oversized or overweight cargo that cannot be easily accommodated by a typical container ship. This simple yet most effective way of cargo handling and transport reduces risk and cycle times, and facilitates damage-free delivery.

Pasha's mission statement incorporates the company's values of Excellence, Honesty and Integrity, Innovation and Teamwork. The discovery process for meeting their automotive manufacturer customers' needs for Mainland/Hawaii transportation indicated Pasha would have to create a brand new service for that market. It took several years, and incorporated each of the company's values, especially Teamwork. The result was the construction and launch of the Jean Anne in March of 2005. She is the first and only Pure Car Truck Carrier (PCTC) in this trade lane, and the only PCTC vessel built in the United States. Now approaching its fifth year of service, Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines has evolved a service strategy from one that focused on a single market segment into a primary transportation solution for a diverse group of clients.

How to ship a car to Hawaii? Shipping cars, motorcycles, boats, oversized equipment and largo cargo requiring special handling, has never been so quick, easy or trouble-free.

Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines is a joint venture between The Pasha Group, a California-based automobile handling and logistics company, and Hawaii Ship Management LLC, a Connecticut-based ship owner and operator. The Pasha Group has been involved in cargo handling/logistics and terminal operations for over 60 years, with current port facilities at the ports of San Diego and Los Angeles, California, and Baltimore, Maryland.

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