North Carolina Moving Companies Busy In The Wake Of Hurricane Irene

As the East Coast continues to recover from the effects of Hurricane Irene, available moving companies in many areas are hard to find. Demand is very high to move furniture out of damaged residences and offices, particularly in North Carolina where many moving companies are working around the clock to meet customer demand. Most moving companies in North Carolina are booked for at least the next 2 weeks. Many people looking for moving companies in North Carolina report calling a dozen or more movers without success.

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"I started by calling all the moving companies near Columbia and they all told me they couldn't help me out for at least another 3 weeks", explained Elmer Dawkins, who's home was heavily damaged by the hurricane. "So I started calling moving companies in other areas of North Carolina and 2 hours and twenty-something calls later I finally found a mover who was free. It took some doing but it looks like I'll get my furniture moved".

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