Moving Across the Country

You’ve decided to accept a job offer. However, it’s on the east coast and you currently reside on the west coast. If you plan ahead, you can make it happen with less stress than you may imagine.

Hiring Qualified Movers

With a long road ahead, you decide that hiring professional movers is in your best interest. The cost is pretty steep and everything you own will be on the truck. So it’s important to find qualified movers. Thankfully, you can achieve this by word-of-mouth or conducting a comprehensive search. Once you have a few that meet your requirements, obtain a written estimate from each one. The one with the best price is the one you choose.

Ways to Save Money

Moving is expensive. However, there are a few ways to save money on your move. When you hire movers there are a lot of included fees that will drive up the cost. For instance, the supplied boxes can add hundreds of dollars. A way to remove this fee is to acquire your own boxes for free. Local retail shops, grocery stores and restaurants are always throwing away boxes. Contact a few places in your area and see if you can have them. Packing your stuff on your own will also shave hundreds off the bill. Moving the moving date to mid-week and their off-season will also reduce the bill.

Taking a Scenic Drive

With the movers not arriving at your new home for over a week, you have plenty of time to enjoy a scenic ride across the country. You make the decision to pack the family up and make plenty of stops along the way. However, driving too many hours in a single day can reduce your awareness to other drivers on the road. This can lead to an accident with serious consequences. If you do become the victim of an auto accident you can contact a car accident attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve. With those thoughts looming in your mind you decide to pull over for the night and get a hotel room.

Experiencing a New Environment

Going from a rural area on the west coast to the metropolis of the east coast is a big difference. Instead of basking in the sunshine on a hammock, you now find yourself in the largest city in the United States. The hustle and bustle way of life is new. While you’re used to small-town closeness, there’s something about the big city that excites you. Opportunity is at every corner, the world is definitely your oyster.

Tying Up Loose Ends

There’s much to do when you first arrive at a new place. You need to unpack and set up your new residence, register kids for school and start a new job. You’ll also need to find the local grocery stores and go food shopping, find a cable company and have the electric, gas and water turned on. Taking a stroll along the neighboring city streets will let you find the parks, schools and location of entertainment in your vicinity.

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

You are on a natural high that’s about to come crashing down. Moving is exciting, especially to a new place. However, when that new place takes you across the country, the lifestyle is far different. Comfortable clothing and a relaxed look is no longer the norm. In the big city, it’s high heels, skirts and jackets and suits walking along the streets. The hairstyles are more TV scripted and the attitude is confidence which can often feel like aggression. It’s a new way of life that will take time to develop. Your comfort zone is no longer intact and for many, this can lead to anxiety and depression.

Moving across the country is exciting. You can change habits and adapt over time and learn to really enjoy it. Remain positive and focus on the advantages the move brings.

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