Streamlining Package Processing

Today, more than ever before, we are all dependent on package delivery. We order our clothing and media online so we can have items delivered and never have to worry about a store’s hours and finding the place we want to go is closed. We choose to have our medicines and other supplies come right to our doors so we can stay safe while never running out of an important item. Many of us regularly find groceries or other food in their mailboxes in order to have more control around where our food is coming from. We also are sending care packages to others so that we feel connected even if we are miles apart right now. Few people have not sent or received a package in the last few months.

While we all are receiving more and more packages in the mail we also all have at least one story of a package going horribly wrong. The important box that never showed up. The fragile box that was torn, dented, or soaking wet ruining what was inside. The box that was taken off our front step by someone else. We all are seeking more reliable ways to make sure our boxes get where they are supposed to go and to whom they are supposed to go. If you are an organization you might consider university lockers, amazon lockers, or other methods to outsource your package handling. Without a plan, packages can become a time and energy sink and keep you from the work you are doing. If you are working with a large number of individuals you do not have to nor should you add all their packages to your workload. If you are not a package delivery company, you should not have to manage and be responsible for the handling and delivery of large numbers of employee or student packages.

In addition, as we all send more packages, it is even more important to look at all the costs involved. In addition to the time and energy costs mentioned before there are obvious financial costs. Each shipping company has a different delivery range, cost, and availability. One of the first steps you should take is to check out a price comparison website to see which service is the most affordable for your package. This is also a time to think about and check the cost of any insurance you need on your package. Some shipping companies include a certain amount of insurance, but you will have to determine if this coverage is enough or if you need more. If you send a lot of packages you also might want to see what deals each shipping service might be willing to provide. These can be based on what you ship or how frequently you ship packages.

Finally, the impact and the inherent costs and concerns of shipping has been in the spotlight recently. From concerns over the solvency of the USPS to debates around mail-in voting to the growth of mail-order business, we all are thinking about shipping more and more. Shipping may not be something that many consider “sexy” but it is something that underpins business across America. You can not ignore shipping unless you want to be left behind as an organization or institution.

So yes more and more of us are having packages shipped to us at home or work or school but this does not have to place a burden on organizations. Teaming up with a shipping company can give you time, energy, and even money back. Organizations do not have to feel like they have to do everything alone. With a little bit of leg work, you can find ways to get back to the work you are trying to accomplish as an individual or organization.


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