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Aberdeen, SD November 9, 2007 (

Shipping Sidekick (, the web's leading shipping rate comparison website, announced today that it has added a package tracking feature allowing users to track their UPS, DHL, FedEx and USPS packages all in one place free of charge.

Shipping Sidekick is the fastest, easiest way to find out how much it will cost to ship a package. Simply enter your package information and Shipping Sidekick will show the rates and estimated transit times of UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL side-by-side so you may select which service best suits your shipment and budget. Savings of $3-$5 per ground package and $5-$10 per overnight package are common by simply comparing rates between carriers. Best of all, Shipping Sidekick is completely free to use. Shipping Sidekick also provides numerous resources for shipping insurance, moving, freight and now package tracking in addition to instant international shipping to almost any country on earth.

"The ability to track multiple packages from multiple carriers all in one place is something our users have asked for," said Jacob Lakhany, Business Development Manager, Shipping Sidekick. "Users will save time and in turn money by not having to refer to individual carrier website to track packages, similar to how our multiple carrier shipping rate calculator works. I welcome further feedback on this feature as well as ideas for other features folks would like to see added as we strive to make Shipping Sidekick the one stop on the web for all things shipping."

For more information or to get package rates, please see or email for more information about the Shipping Sidekick.

About Shipping Sidekick

Launched in 2006 by web tools pioneer, Webplus, Inc, Shipping Sidekick is web's leading shipping rate comparison website. Users simply enter their package information and Shipping Sidekick shows the shipping rates and estimated delivery times of DHL, FedEx, UPS, and the US Post Office side-by-side. Shipping Sidekick saves you money by showing you the best shipping price for your package. Comparing shipping prices used to mean going to each shipper website and entering the package data over and over. This can now be done all in one place in less than 30 seconds. Shipping Sidekick also offers multi-carrier package tracking based on the same principle so you can find out if your packages were delivered quickly, easily and all in one place even if they were sent via different shippers. Shipping Sidekick provides numerous other resources for shipping including insurance, moving, freight, shipping supplies and much more in addition to instant international shipping to almost any country on earth. Best of all, Shipping Sidekick is completely free to use.

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