Compare the Shipping Rates of All Four US Shippers Side-By-Side with Shipping Sidekick v2.1, Now Completely Free

Aberdeen, SD - June 28, 2007 (

Webplus, Inc., a leading provider of small business solutions, announced today the release of Shipping Sidekick v2.1 ( Shipping Sidekick v2.1 offers a side-by-side display of the cost and estimated delivery time of each delivery service offered by all four major US shipping companies. Access to UPS and FedEx rates was previously reserved for paid users. All rates for all companies will now be displayed free of charge.

Shipping Sidekick saves shippers time and money by showing which delivery company has the lowest shipping rate for any given package. When sending a package, users simply enter the destination and package information to quickly and easily retrieve the published shipping rate and delivery time of each shipping company allowing the user to choose the shipper with the best price for the delivery time needed. Published rates from UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL are provided on one screen, side-by-side. Each delivery company's ground, rush or priority, and overnight shipping rates are included. Savings of $3-$5 per package are common.

"Our users have spoken and we have listened," said Bryan Kriech, Business Development Manager, Webplus, Inc. "We have eliminated both our monthly membership fee as well as the need to log into the website to compare shipping prices. We plan to add more functionality including the ability to purchase and print shipping labels directly from Shipping Sidekick in the coming months. We thank our users for their input and suggestions as it enables us to continue improving Shipping Sidekick."

Shipping Sidekick may be accessed free of charge at

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Established in 1994, Webplus, Inc. is a leading provider of small business solutions. Webplus, Inc. develops, markets, and supports the talentsoft line of development tools, middleware, and ecommerce solutions. Webplus's flagship products include Web+, a robust Web application server and development language, Web+Shop, an ecommerce solution for small businesses, and Shipping Sidekick, a shipping rate and transit time comparison software. Millions of copies of Webplus's software have been distributed to over 100 countries via online and traditional channels. Webplus's mission is to deliver affordable, simple, robust, and localized software solutions for Small-to-Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) through partnering with local solution providers and value-added resellers around the world.

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